Customized, unique and beautiful designs is what we at Verzum excel at.


Whether for a private or commercial project, we strive for 100% satisfaction to meet your individual needs.


Often the specific plan does not yet exist, perhaps only a rough idea, or “I wonder if this is possible” concept. This is where Verzum comes into play. The collaboration is key between Customer and Creator to develop a unique plan to bring the concept to life, transforming the dream into a tangible reality.


The Verzum team aims for the perfect, delicate combination of aesthetics and functionality. From choosing every piece of natural wood, stone, metal and leather to ensuring the accuracy of the calculations, we take the utmost care at every step of the creative process. Taking into account the ideas and needs of our clients, we consider it important to treat our customers as partners, providing insights into the design and creative process as production goes along.


Each job is inherently unique, so lead times and prices are correlated to a number of factors, such as; design intricacy, material grade selection and dimensions. Contact us with your desires or ideas to find out more.


The present invention is based on the need to invest in other parts of the work, in which case the work is carried out on a hand-held and local basis. For the purposes of this Article, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply.