About us

About us

"The story of Verzum started in 2015, when dreaming of creating something unique… something we can all identify with… Something that is natural… modern, yet timeless."


Furniture has always been as valuable as it was in the days of our great-grandfathers, and which still holds value because it is made of everlasting materials. It will show effort from the heart, soul and deep thinking all come together to create our unique, handcrafted work - for you.


In addition to the creative desire, there was another driving force behind this determination; transforming their own empty, new living space into a space of warmth and comfort. Of course, this also includes the fact that they were able to turn to several professionals who waited for their creative ideas with an open door and helped their work with advice and serious tools in the implementation. Their teams work collaboratively to this day if they need professional advice.


“We spent a lot of time learning about hardwood, and this wonderful raw material has become our passion. We decorated our home, but we still had a great sense of desire to create. Our passion has grown into a profession and we have decided that this is what we want to deal with in the long run, and so Verzum was born.”


The name Verzum was created from the word universe and universal. For them, it means filling the empty space with a piece that, in terms of their raw material, are the defining element of our lives (wood), which is versatile, timeless and natural.



Sándor Szabó  -  Artist / Carpenter

Always tinkering with his creative inner self, Sándor’s abilities appeared in many places, from rebuilding bicycles, exercise equipment, and modifying other items exactly to his desired configurations. No exceptions.


“For me, the creative process means relaxation, the exclusion of entrepreneurial rush and external factors, silence within myself, and the unfolding of the imagination.”


Education is a backbone to support his logic and ideas with degrees in both Economics and Business Management from the University of Miskolc. Outside of the classroom, he was fascinated and inspired by activities that have been unique and spectacular, such as a bike without a seat, part of a specialized sport called ‘Biketrial', where artificial or natural elements have to be overcome with an individual while riding their seatless machine with creative solutions and techniques to win the race. Since age 14, Sándor has been competing in this impressive Biketrial sport, and even created / managed a webshop successfully for 10 years. Turning his hobby into a job, through passion and innovation.


The big moments came while during the organization of the bicycle competitions, he began to explore creativity, as the routes for these specialized and strategic bicycle events had to be planned and built. Here, for the first time is where he worked more seriously with wood to express his ideas. This creative process then continued while making his own personal wooden home furniture. When he realized this enjoyment of every moment while woodworking more and more, he acknowledges his experience and creative solutions in the shop environment to his father, who is a structural locksmith and quite a maximalist. Learning carpentry and all the tricks of woodworking from the dear carpenter master - Zoltán Honti received my ideas curiously, helping Sándor to implement them technically as prescribed by the craft and profession.

Enikő Szabó-Tanyi -  Communications and Marketing


Working in step with her husband Sándor, Enikő handles the day to day appointments, customer service, and creative conversations to keep Verzum running smoothly.

Graduating with a degree as a translator and sports instructor, her inner self is always in desire for further knowledge. Verzum allows her to push this desire and explore creative home furnishing as the vehicle to bring ideas and concepts from their own home creations, to the client. With a love of figuring out what a special creations would color their own living space, it always had to be a curated, self created approach as mass-produced items lacked a warmth and truth that was desired to live in peace.


“Functional furniture for every day use. We dream of the creations together, and Sándor brings them to life."


Enikő is dedicated to her family, her child and her projects to make each grow with care and love. However, she also plan to play her part in carpentry finishing process later on. The first wooden pieces we experimented with have an extraordinarily great value; specially preserved raw materials from her grandmother's native village. Solid wood from an ancient time with high value. With such timeless raw materials accompanied by a fond memory, they hope it’s unavoidable to feel the uplifting sensation of authenticity and attention to detail by experiencing the creations of Verzum.